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Summary of the Open Day in Almaty

On October 28, 2017 KazAgroFinance has held the campaign for the farmers ‘Open Day’ in Almaty.


The KazAgroFinance delegation from the Central Office in Astana city led by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of KazAgroFinance JSC Rustam Karagoishin came to Almaty in order to personally answer all issues of interest of the farmers in terms of leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment.

There was a lot of those who wish to know about the Company’s products, leasing procedures and delivery of agricultural machinery. Some farmers came to the Company for consultation for the first time, and, most importantly, they left with the certain intention to purchase machinery on leasing.


For instance, Head of Farm ‘Abdrakhman’ of Yenbekshikazakhskiy region Mr. Mukumbayev visited office of KazAgroFinance for the first time: ‘Generally, the KazAgroFinance terms are quite affordable for the farmers: long term of financing and principal repayment once per year are reasonable. I will calculate and compulsorily come once again’ commented the farmer.

In addition to the farmers of Almatinskaya oblast, the Open Day was attended by the farmers of Zhambylskaya oblast. Mr. Temirbayev, Head of Farm ‘Hadiga’, came to Almaty intentionally in order to get information at first-hand and has already started collecting the necessary documents for leasing of machinery.


There were many farmers, who previously received financing at the Company as well, and today they are planning to apply for it again.

As a whole, the Company is expecting to stamp out on the assembly line holding such events and on November 17 of this year in celebration of the Agricultural Employees’ Day and the National Currency Day the Open Day will take place in Astana city.



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