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Farmer Guideline – 8 Steps to Success!



Do you know that leasing is more favourable that the loan? Leasing is a ‘magic wand’ for the farmers in a ‘hot season’. If you need machinery and, at that, you have to leave the circulating funds in the budget, you should apply for LEASING. Over 17 years, KazAgroFinance JSC facilitates the Kazakhstani agricultural producers to renew the machine and tractor fleet by means of leasing of the agricultural machinery and equipment.

Please visit to see the list of secondary machinery 

At 1 step, the farmer should choose the necessary subject of leasing, whether it be tractor, harvester, seeder, machinery for off-season works and etc., as well as its supplier. The farmer chooses them at his own discretion.

Next you should prepare a set of documents for submitting an application and carrying out the expert analysis of the project. List of required documents, depending on the form of ownership of the farm, you can see at website or visit the office. By the way, KazAgroFinance is represented in all oblasts of Kazakhstan. Their addresses is available at

At 3 step you should submit an application. It is possible both in the office (addresses available at:, and online at The procedure for execution and submission of an online application is simplified at most, and the key point is that it saves your precious time. 

KazAgroFinance JSC processes an application within up to 18 business days (excluding adjustments). The next step is processing of your application by the structural subdivisions of KazAgroFinance for obtaining the expert opinion. The Credit Committee of KazAgroFinance JSC makes a decision then your application is either submitted for adjustment or the procedure for making a contract is initiated.   

The next step is making a contract between you and KazAgroFinance. It takes 7 business days on average from the decision till making a contract.

After making a purchase contract the farmer shall make the first leasing payment, which is from 10% up to 25% of the machinery cost depending on the financing program chosen by you.


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