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KAF has extended the leasing opportunities in Kazakhstan

KazAgroFinance JSC launches a new Program ‘Reliable Farmer’. Within this Program, the Company’s customers shall meet the bona fide customer criteria, according to which the Customer shall have a positive and quality credit story with the Company, no roll-overs, restructuring and facts of inappropriate use of funds obtained from the Company.

It stands to mention that both current and previously financed customers of KazAgroFinance JSC may obtain the agricultural machinery under the Program ‘Reliable Farmer’. Thus, the Company is trying to reduce the loading on the Company’s bona fide customers and encourage them.

To date, there is much concern about the feed deficiency in Kazakhstan. In this regard, for the purpose of support and development of the domestic feed production the Company implements a new Program ‘Own Feed’, in the course of which the financing of this trend is provided. Within this Program, the Kazakhstani farmers could purchase the agricultural machinery with the maturity of up to 10 years, at that, the advance payment has been reduced and is 10%.

KazAgroFinance JSC has made a number of amendments to the current standard leasing terms. Now the Kazakhstani farmers may purchase under the line of KazAgroFinance JSC the agricultural machinery made in the People’s Republic of China with the maturity of up to 5 years and advance payment of at least 25%, at that, subject to compliance with all requirements of the supplier.  

Within the amendments made to the terms of financing, the advance payment has been reduced from 25 % to 20% for obtaining the mounted and towed machinery with the value of up to KZT25 mln. 

The introduction of new Programs, extension of the range of Company’s products,  reduction of the advance payment and increase in financing schedules will improve the accessability of agricultural machinery and special equipmen for the domestic farmers, which, in its turn, may have a positive effect on the agricultural sector development and renewal of the country’s machine and tractor fleet. 

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