Leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment

   One of the key goals of KazAgroFinance JSC's activity is the renewal of the machinery and tractor fleet of the Republic of Kazakhstan by means of leasing of the agricultural machinery and equipment to the agrarians. Thus, during its period of activities the Company financed the purchase of over 27.5 thousand unit of the agricultural machinery and processing equipment to the total amount of over KZT187 milliard. 

   According to the Program for Development of Agricultural Sector for 2013-2020 (Agribusiness-2020), since 2013 there has been introduced the new trend of governmental support to the agricultural producers such as the financial recovery of the enterprises, which is to be provided, including, by means of subsiding the part of the interest rate on the agreements to be concluded with KazAgroFinance JSC for leasing of the agricultural machinery and special machinery. According to the Subsiding Rules, the government undertakes to reimburse the agricultural producers for 7% of the total financing rate. Therefore, the leasing rate for the agricultural machinery and special machinery with KazAgroFinance JSC taking into account the subsiding made up 5.8% (where the annual effective rate –from 6.4%). The period of subsiding is 3 years, with option to extend it till 7 years.

   For subsiding details please call : 8/7172/ 550195; 580453 (Astana city).


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3.6% of interest rate for leasing of Belarusian equipment will be subsidized by the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

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