Anti-corruption activities.

KazAgroFinance JSC has already served for the financial sector of the country for over 18 years. During this period 452 Investment Projects to the amount of over KZT180 mlrd. have been commissioned with the support from the Company and the government, and the investments in the development of the agriculture of Kazakhstan totaled to over KZT621.9 mlrd.

During its activity, the Company's top management and employees adhere to the basic principles of publicity and transparency in operations. The objective of these efforts is to ensure the ultimate publicity in KazAgroFinance JSC's activity.

First-of-all, it is aimed at prevention of the illegal acts against the clients, as well as timely identification and prevention of acts of corruption.

Additionally, the internal control system has been established in the Company and its branches to prevent the involvement of the Company and its employees in carrying out the transactions related to laundering of the criminally obtained income or terrorism financing.

In this regard, the compliance system has been introduced in the Company's structure, which ensures the control over the compliance of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internal and external rules and procedures, main moral and ethic principles of conduct of business and the corporate management system. 

The feedback with the clients and employees is arranged in order to prevent and minimize the illegal behaviour risks.

You may inform on the facts of improper behaviour of the Company's employees, which may prejudice the interests or harm the image of KazAgroFinance JSC, corruption offences and crimes, to the front office of the Chairman of the Board of KazAgroFinance JSC via phone--8 (7172) 580437 or e-mail:,

HR and Documentation Division via phone -8 (7172) 556533 (ext.1600), Security Department at, phone - 8 (7172) 557-338, ext. 4602.  

Anonymity is ensured.