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Financial Leasing of Vehicles for Transportation of Agricultural and Fish Products, Biological Assets


Designated purpose

Vehicles (including haulers and trailers) for transportation of agricultural and fish products, their by-products, biological assets**


up to 7 years *

up to 5 years (for machinery manufactured in PRC)

First leasing payment

at least 20% of the value of subject of leasing *

at least 25% of the value of subject of leasing (for machinery manufactured in PRC)


not required

Grace period for principal



up to 1 year

Grace period for interest

Interest rate


14.5 %

Annual effective rate



from 14.8%

Special terms


Principal and Interest Repayment Schedule

- principal repayment: at least 1 (one) time a year;

- interest repayment: at least 1 (one) time a quarter.

*the subjects of leasing of the European, American, Canadian, Japanese brands manufactured in PRC are financed under these terms.

**These types of subjects of leasing may be obtained within ‘Master-leasing'. The service ‘Master-leasing' is an opportunity to open a leasing credit line for the agricultural sector entities and fixing the financing limit by means of leasing for 1 (one) year, within which the borrower may within 1 (one) year enter into the financial leasing contracts under the terms applicable at the date of contracts without recurrent provision of a full set of documents within 1 (one) year.

Approved by the Resolution of the Board of Directors of KazAgroFinance JSC No.6 dated 28.03.2018