The season of fresh fruits and vegetables pleases Astana residents.

The season of early vegetables and fruits is open. Trade counters of Astana start to fill with vegetables and fruits of a new crop weekly.
Young potatoes from the south appeared on the metropolitan vegetable counters, the price is from 260 to 300 tenge, then potatoes of the old harvest are immediately next to them at a price of 200-220 KZT / kg. Also from the new crop you can buy fresh beets at 250-300 tenge per 1 kg.
For greenhouse cucumbers, sellers in the markets ask for 200-250 tenge, tomatoes 380-400 tenge / kg.
To the interest of consumers in the markets a large supply of apricots, sweet cherries and strawberries, there were also plums and peaches. Price per kilo is apricot 600-650 tenge, cherry - 1200 tenge, strawberry from 650 to 900 tenge, plum for 850 tenge. Fruits are brought from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, South Kazakhstan and Almaty regions.
Now it is profitable to buy greens and garlic, the choice of greenery is huge, the price for dill, parsley and even lettuce leaves starts from 100 tenge and above, and fresh garlic can be bought at 50 tenge per piece.
Since early May, a young white cabbage from the southern region has been on sale. The price of cabbage at that time was 100 tenge per kg. According to sellers, unfortunately, the volumes of supplies to Astana of cabbage of early varieties are decreasing due to the completion of volumes from the producers. That is why there is an increase in prices for these products on the market is 200-250 tenge/kg.
The season is open, but prices are still high, the high season is ahead.