In the East Kazakhstan region, the death of winter crops was recorded

The farms of the Glubokovsky district and the city of Ridder in the East Kazakhstan region recorded the death of winter crops for harvest - 2016.
As of mid-May, the area of ​​dead winter crops for grain was 4.4 thousand hectares, which is almost 12% of the sown winter areas of the East Kazakhstan area. This was fixed by the commission, which includes the director of the branch of Kazagromarketing JSC in the East Kazakhstan region Khamzin Zhomart Kumarbekovich.
According to Khamzin Zh.K., the main factors that provoked the death of plants were sharp temperature fluctuations, which were accompanied by early snowfall in October 2016, variable repeated melting of snow and frosts, which caused an ice crust in the fields. A large snow cover, reaching in some places a height of 1.5 meters, created unfavorable conditions for the wintering of winter crops. Precisely these reasons did not allow the plants to withstand winter frosts, the director of the East Kazakhstan branch reports.
Now the areas where the loss of crops were recorded, plowed and sown with spring crops.