A history

Kazagromarketing LLP was founded in dynamic development period at the real sector of the economy of Kazakhstan in 2003.  The creation of the company was needed to strength and develop the country's agricultural market information and consulting services. In the short term of the period with the direct participation of Kazagromarketing LLP at the agro industrial complex (AIC) was formed Information-Marketing System which is able to meet the needs in finding and adopting effective solutions at the farmers business. Nowadays Kazagromarketing LLP is multi-faceted company that works to contribute for improvement of competitiveness of domestic AIC.

Kazagromarketing LLP is the only structure in the agricultural sector, that has own regional network deployed in all regional and district centers of the country (13 branches and 2 representative offices operating in regional centers and in Almaty, 160  rural informational-consulting centers operating in district centers). Central office of the company is located in the capital-Astana city.

Chronology of the company


-       The first phase of a regional network- ensured the functioning of the central office and  in 6 regional offices ( in regionals Akomolinsk, Karaganda, Kostanai, Mangystau, Pavlodar).

-       Started the  implementation of the price monitoring the food

-       Started the preparation of analytical reports of the AIC for the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakstan.

-       Conducted a variety of seminars directed to train specialists of territorial departments of the Ministry of Agriculture of Information and Marketing Services and Information Technology

-       Established official site www.kam.kz


-       Realized the second phase of a regional network- established representative offices in all regional centers of the Kazakhstan and 30 preliminary rural informational-consulting centers level

-       Started work on a weekly gathering of prices of basic food products and agricultural products of the Republic of Kazakhstan and nearby and long distance countries.


-       Realized the third phase of a regional network- established the rural information and consulting centers in all regions of the country, also improved system for transition and directed the necessary information to the members of the agricultural market.



-       launched an annual program to provide necessary information and advice to 50.000 subjects in the AIC for free

-       for the first time made a fair that involved all branches «Karaotkel Fair »  with all the participates of the AIC

-       for the first time organized an international conference «Grain Forum of Kazakhstan»

-       with the budget program implemented a project to create a system of dissemination of knowledge and communication in agricultural

-       started printing specialized newspapers of AIC in Kazakhstan called «Аgrozharshy».


-       Based on Presidents Decree dated 11 December 2006 JSC «Kazagromarketing» became part of the JSC «National managing Holding «Kazagro» from 1 January 2007

-       launched price monitoring of food products in automatic mode

-       commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture was begun the creation the unified automatic control system «E-Agriculture» industries

-       Central Asian domestic product supplies forum, agriculture achievements Fair «Karaotkel Fair -2007», Agricultural Fair of counter stocks «Batys-2007», Grain forum of Kazakhstan-2007 were conducted


-       Price monitoring was implemented based by «Method of monitoring the prices of basic food commodities and POL in Astana, Almaty and regional centers», which was approved by joint Order between Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Industry and Trade and agreed with the Agency on Statistics  of the Republic of Kazakhstan

-       Central Asian domestic product supplies forum, agriculture achievements Fair «Karaotkel Fair-2007» International Agricultural Investment Forum «Аgroinvest.kz» were conducted


-       The work begun on the maintenance of the system of electronic grain receipts

-       Launched the broker service as a member of the Commodity Exchange «Eurasian Trading System » also assisted agricultural producers in the implementation of 200 thousand tons of wheat

-       Started work on the evaluation of movable and immovable property, throughout the year it was provided more than 5000 services in this area



-       The list of all the  products under the price monitoring increased for more than 130 items

-       According to the order of the Ministry of Agriculture it was developed the master-plans for the development of industries of cereals and by-products (wheat, buckwheat, barley, rice, flour, pasta, gluten, starch, biofuels)

-       Started the development and maintenance of product programs called «Identification of farm animals»(IFA)

-       Organized by the International Grain Conference, I International livestock forum «KAZMEAT&MILK», IV agriculture achievements Fair «Karaotkel Fair -2010», I Kazakhstan International Exhibition «KazAgro» and «KazFarm».


-       Within the project «Development of export potential of cattle meat» has been established the center of herd reproduction, management and consulting in the livestock

-       40 analytical reports were prepared for the Agribusiness subjects and representatives of executive power on main issues in the development of industries

-       Received general license to do the stockbrokers and stock leaders activities

-       Participated in the organization of the Forum of employees AIC, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the  Republic of Kazakhstan


-       40 analytical reports were prepared for the Agribusiness subjects and representatives of executive power on main issues in the development of industries

-       Launched the center that functions of the processing the issues of individual numbers of farm animals

-       Launched function as an agent to manage a budget of funds that allocated for the support of mandatory insurance

-       Organized V Kazakhstan Grain Forum  «KAZGRAIN-2012», Conference « Veterinary secuirity- basis for sustainable livestock development in Kazakhstan», agriculture achievements Fair «Karaotkel Fair -2012», VI Kazakhstan Grain Forum  «KAZGRAIN-2012»


-       Launched the function as the operator of the financial recovery  and subsidizing agricultural machinery leasing in the program «Agribusiness-2020»

-       Organized I Kazakhstan Conference «AgriTec.KZ-2013», I Exhibition Demonstration «Field Day «Zhana dala-2013»;

-       Organized marketing and analytical researching of the domestic market of greenhouse production and food markets of cities in Russia, designed the map of entrepreneurship development               Zhambyl region, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda and North Kazakhstan regions, master plans for the development of supporting rural communities in Almaty and Atyrau regions

-       Translation done from the  software «Identification of farm animals» in the mode to the web-portal



-      Launched the function as the operator of the to provide state support for agribusiness entities for insurance and loan guarantees and investment subsidies agribusiness entities.