From July 2013 to December 2016, Kazagromarketing  was defined by the operator to provide services to subsidize interest rates on loans / leases of technological equipment and agricultural machinery.
Since 2017, subsidies have been regulated by the Rules for Subsidizing Interest Rates for Loans and Leasing of Technological Equipment, for the Purchase of Farm Animals, and for Leasing of Agricultural Machinery approved by Order No.50 of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 01/01/2017.
Old Rules No.232 of May 23, 2016 have lost their force!
Under the new Rules, loans and leasing agreements will be subsidized only for replenishment of current assets, with a loan validity period not exceeding 1 (one) year.

Working capital means means aimed at ensuring the continuity of the processes of supply, production, processing, storage and sale of agricultural products in the sphere of agricultural development.
Subsidies are subject to loans with a nominal interest rate not exceeding 19% per annum in tenge and 10% in foreign currency.
Subsidizing is to reduce the interest rate by 7% per annum in tenge and 5% per annum in foreign currency.
According to the new Rules, from this year the financial institution (bank, credit or leasing organization) or directly the borrower submits an application and other necessary documents for subsidizing to the state corporation "Government for Citizens", in other words, to the service centers of the population. Through the CSCs, the documents are submitted for consideration to the working body (the Agriculture Department under the oblast / city akimat).
The working body issues its opinion within 10 working days from the receipt of the application and documents.
At the same time, the priority for the commission are applications from agricultural cooperatives, secondly, applications of processors of agricultural products are considered and, in the third place, applications of borrowers who are not members of the cooperative and are not involved in the processing of agricultural products.
With the rules in a new edition can be found on our website in the regulatory framework.