Information for Investors

The World Bank report on «Ease of Doing Business» in 2017 ranked Kazakhstan 35th out of 189 economies.
        The country's competitive geographical location at the junction of Asia, Europe and the Middle East enables access to the rapidly growing markets of Russia, India and China, and the Customs Union with Russia and Belarus with population of about 170 mln. people creates unique opportunities for investors and local companies.
        It is worth mentioning that Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world with 215,6 million hectares including arable lands – 24,6 (11.2%) million hectares, hayfields – 4,8 million hectares (2.2%) and pastures (84.8%) - 182,1 million hectares.
       Recognizing the key role of foreign investment in expanding and modernizing the agro-industrial complex, the Kazakhstani Government is strongly encouraging agricultural sector and prioritizing the introduction of export-oriented products, including meat and grain, as well as taking steps to ensure that local suppliers implement international quality standards to meet the need of market entrants.
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