Start of wheat procurement of Triticum aestivum L of the 3rd class

“Food corporation” National company JSC announces about start of wheat procurement of Triticum aestivum L of the 3rd class of the yield 2017 EXW “ex works” (Incoterms-2010)


                                 Procurement price*

Price per 1 ton with VAT, tenge

42 000

Price per 1 ton without VAT, tenge

37 500

                              Qualitative indicators

Grain-unit, g/l, not less


Weight content of gluten, %, not less


Weight content of protein, % on dry basis, not less


Humidity, %, not more


Black dockage, %, not more


Grain dockage, %, not more


Falling number in second, not less


Quality of gluten, units of GDI


Grain contamination

Not allowed

Other qualitative indicators

In accordance with СТ РК 1046-2008 for wheat Triticum aestivum L. 3rd class

 * procurement price is valid at grain storage over 3 months from the date of grain re-execution by supplier for “Food corporation” NC” JSC

Applications to participate in the program of Triticum aestivum L. 3rd class wheat procurement of yield 2017 will be taken through personal profile of information system for grain receipts (System) (website: from the moment of the system functions start for applications.

At that with priority within the first 2 weeks from the system functions launching for applying the applications will be considered for grain sale from small and medium-sized agricultural producers which are not included into large agricultural holdings.

If it will be necessary to assist applying in e-format the agricultural producers may approach to regional representative offices of “Food corporation” NC” JSC.

The list of grain-collecting enterprises where the procurement will be carried out should be specified in regional representative offices of “Food corporation” NC” JSC on the following addresses:

Akmola region: Kokshetau city, M.Gorkiy str., 19, tel. +7(7162) 55-11-51, 55-11-54, 42-26-83, 42-26-62;

Aktobe region: Aktobe city, Maresyev str., 103/А, tel.+7(7132) 56-70-21, 56-76-26;

West-Kazakhstan region: Uralsk city, Gumar Karash str., 33/2, tel. +7(7112) 51-28-43, 50-08-34,50-90-26;

East-Kazakhstan region: Ust-Kamenogorsk city, Golovkov str., 30, office 206, tel. +7(7232) 25-44-77, 25-95-67;

Karaganda region: Karaganda city, Bukhar Zhyrau av., 51/1, tel. +7(7212) 55-99-56, 41-11-74;

Kostanay region: Kostanay city, Taran str., 147, tel. +7(7142) 53-11-44, 53-45-79, 53-29-12;

Pavlodar region: Pavlodar city, Satpayev academician str., 46, office 414, tel.+7(7182) 32-11-69, 32-65-32, 32-75-32;

North-Kazakhstan region: Petropavlovsk city, Partizanskaya str., 160, tel. +7(7152) 42-27-24, 42-27-23, 42-26-36. 

Additional information is available at the address:

Astana city, Moskovskaya str. 29/3 tel. (8-717-2) 59-12-48, 59-12-65