Information about financing of agro-industrial complex of Aktobe region by KazAgro National holding

Total volume of support by “KazAgro” Holding of agro-industrial complex in Aktobe region in 2017 amounted to KZT 10.8 billion. In whole for the republic in 2017 total financing sum by the Holding of agricultural sector amounted to KZT 267 billion.
Investment portfolio of the Holding for Aktobe region includes 25 projects with cost of KZT 30 billion. The number of establishing jobs is 973 for the period of operation. To the moment 22 projects are commissioned with the cost of KZT 25.5 billion, 854 jobs are created. Among the largest projects in the region: greenhouse complex of Green House Kazakhstan LLP, meat cluster of the group of companies of AkTep LLP and others.
In 2017 within the line of “KazAgro” Holding for spring field works 11 agricultural producers were financed for KZT 336 million on area 25.7 thousand ha. In whole for the republic the Holding from the budget loan financed spring field works of 1816 farms and agricultural formations for KZT 60 billion that allows agrarians to carry out sowing campaign on area of 3003 thousand ha.
In 2017 in Aktobe region within “KazAgro” line 10 credit cooperatives were financed for KZT 1 147 million.
Also the agreements were concluded with the regional agricultural producers for purchasing of 113 units of agricultural and special machinery and equipment for KZT 1458 million.
Through subsidiary companies of “KazAgro” in 2017 to the regional agricultural formation 1 085 loans were granted for KZT 4 029 million. It should be noted that within the implementation of the second direction of the Program for development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 in Aktobe region 487 microloans were granted for KZT 2.3 billion.
Within guaranteeing of microloans in rural settlements and small towns through “KazAgroGarant” JSC in the region 10 guarantees were given for KZT 69 million.
Under the programs of livestock support in the region in 2017 the Holding’s companies financed:
- under “Sybaga” program – 41 project for KZT 335 million to purchase 1243 heads of cattle, the plan for the region to purchase seed stock of cattle for 2017 was implemented for 77%.
- under “Altyn Asyk” program – 11 projects for KZT 27 million to purchase 1023 ewes, the plan for the region to purchase seed stock of small cattle for 2017 was implemented for 47%.
- under “Kulan” program – 9 projects for KZT 107 million to purchase 307 heads of seed stock of horses, the plan for the region to purchase seed stock of horses for 2017 was implemented for 64%.