Agricultural machinery of KazAgro for sowing campaign

More than 1 000 units of agricultural machinery amounting to KZT 13.6 billion for spring field and harvesting works in the republic were given to agrarians in lease by KazAgroFinance JSC from the beginning of the year. Today the company in the structure of KazAgro Holding approved 397 applications amounting to KZT 7.2 billion. Besides, about 303 applications amounting to KZT 6.2 billion are under consideration.

New program of financing “Reliable farmer” and “Own feed” are also gaining popularity among farmers and agricultural formations. For the past month only the applications amounting to KZT 232.7 million were received.

At present under the program “Reliable farmer” KazAgroFinance JSC leased out agricultural machinery to farmers amounting to KZT 105.8 million, and under the program “Own feed” domestic agrarians already received in lease agricultural machinery in amount of KZT 84.4 million. Applications are still receiving.

We recall that in April of the current year a subsidiary company of KazAgro National holding – KazAgroFinance JSC expanded its product range and started new special programs “Reliable farmer” and “Own feed”, as well as amended the standards terms of financial leasing.

The program “Reliable farmer” gives possibility to acquire in lease agricultural machinery without advanced payment. The current and previously financed clients of KazAgroFinance JSC may use this program. The sole requirement to clients is to meet the criteria of bona fide borrower.

Under the program “Own feed” the financing of domestic forage production development is implemented. Within the new program Kazakhstani farmers may acquire necessary agricultural machinery for up to 10 years with the reduced advance payment in 10%.

As the experts of KazAgro noted the introduction of new programs, expansion of product range of KazAgroFinance, reduction of advance payment and increase of financing terms will improve access to agricultural machinery and special equipment for domestic farmers, that in turn reflect positively on renewal of agricultural and tractor fleet of the country.

 In whole, as of today under the line of KazAgro Holding through Agrarian credit corporation. As of 17.04.2018 to support spring field and harvesting works the applications were received for lending from 2 072 agricultural producers amounting to more than KZT 60.0 billion. Among them to date KZT 50.4 billion were disbursed. The other company in the structure of KazAgro – Fund for financial support of agriculture JSC under the program “Yeginzhay” financed totally 69 agricultural producers for KZT 285.5 million.