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Lending program  «Yrys»


Financing conditions parameters

Financing conditions


Own funds

Purpose of the program

Creation and expansion of dairy farms

Target group

legal entities, PF, FE, IE

Number of livestock

From 50 to 100 (inclusive) livestock of cattle

Targeted purpose

1) acquisition of a breeding stock of small cattle in the dairy direction of productivity;

2) purchase of necessary agricultural machinery and equipment for dairy farms subject to subsidy according to the subsidy rules for reimbursement of a part of expenses incurred by a subject of the agro-industrial complex with investment investments;

3) replenishment of working capital in the amount of not more than 15 (fifteen) % of the loan / credit line amount


-up to 155,000,000 (one hundred fifty five million) tenge

Term of the loan / line of credit

- Up to 144 (one hundred and twenty) months;

- Up to 36 (thirty six) months for working capital replenishment

Interest rate

 - 16% per annum, the annual effective interest rate - not more than 18.7% per annum with the condition of subsidizing the interest rate at 10% per annum,

- on loans for the purchase of breeding stock of cattle, agricultural equipment, including trailed and attached equipment and fixed assets, the interest rate will be 6% per annum, the annual effective interest rate not more than 6.4% per annum and subsidizing the interest rate at 5% per annum,

-for loans for replenishment of current assets, the interest rate will be 11% per annum, the annual effective interest rate - not more than 11.7% per annum

Grace period for the repayment of ML

- No more than 24 (twenty four) months;

- No more than 12 (twelve) months on a loan / credit line for working capital replenishment

Periodicity of ML repayment

Monthly / quarterly / 1 (one) semi-annually, with the possibility of partial / full early repayment

Periodicity of repayment of remuneration

-monthly / quarterly / 1 (once) every six months, with the possibility of repayment of accrued remuneration during the term of financing for the period actually used

Redemption method


-annuity (with equal repayment) / differentiated (with principal repayment in equal shares) / flexible schedule


 -within the program, it is possible to use the following structure:

- At least 25% of the total amount of collateral available real / movable property;

- the remaining part in the form of property coming in the future, in the form of equipment and / or equipment purchased through borrowed funds, breeding cattle;

- It is allowed to accept up to 100% of acquired breeding cattle