Micro-lending under the program "Business Road Map 2020"

The program purpose: to ensure sustainable and balanced growth of regional businesses, as well as the maintenance of existing and creation of new permanent jobs.

Program Direction: support for new business initiatives of entrepreneurs from mono-towns, small towns and rural areas through micro-lending of small businesses.

Target group: entrepreneurs, beginning entrepreneurs, implementing and (or) planning to implement their own projects in rural areas, small towns and mono-towns without sectoral restrictions except for businessmen that:

1) carrying out the release of excisable goods/products, except for the projects involving the release of motor vehicles and the wine production from grapes of own production;

2) implementing projects in the steel industry, which are included in the list of large taxpayers subject to monitoring in accordance with the Decree of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 31, 2014 No.1434;

3) operating in the mining industry except for the projects for the development of gravel and sand pits;

4) founded by the national control holdings, national companies and organizations, fifty and more percent of shares (shares in the authorized capital) of which are directly or indirectly owned by the state, national managing holdings, national holdings, national companies (with the exception of socio-entrepreneurial corporations) as well as legal entities, ownership of which is registered as a private institution.

Purpose: organization or expansion of their own business and working capital without sectoral restrictions.

The maximum loan amount per borrower: 10 000 000 (ten million) KZT.

Interest rate: 6% per annum.

Annual effective interest rate: not more than 6.7% per annum.

Loan term: not more than 54 (fifty-four) months.

Frequency of principal repayment: monthly/quarterly/ 1 (once) every six months / 1 time per year, with the possibility of partial/full prepayment during the loan term.

Frequency of the remuneration repayment: monthly/quarterly/1 (one) every six months, with the possibility to repay the accrued interest during the loan term for the actually used period.

The grace period on the principal debt repayment: not more than 1/3 of the loan period duration.

Grace period for fees repayment: no more than 6 (six) months.

Collateral: in accordance with the Pledge policy of the Company.

The issuance of loan: according to the Rules of micro-lending to small businesses under the Single program for business support and development "Business Road Map 2020", approved by Decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 31, 2015 No. 599.

Basic requirements for the borrower:

1. The absence of arrears on taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget at the date of submission / review of the application for credit (for peasant farms/Farms/ Individual entrepreneurs);

2. The absence of arrears before the second-tier banks and other financial institutions at the last reporting date (month of application);

3. positive credit history (if any credit history);

4. submission of the documents to the Company necessary and sufficient to check the targeted use of the loan.

The project restrictions: this loan is not available for consumer purposes, for previous loans repayment, for real estate purchase as well as land and rent payment.

List of mono-towns and small towns is defined by the regional Development Program until 2020, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 28, 2014 No. 728.

For the purposes of support measures implementation within the program framework the settlements are recognized as rural settlements not related to mono-towns and small towns and towns of the republican and regional importance.