Brief report information about operation of company for 2014

Strategic activities of JSC «Kazagromarketing»aimed to improving the competitiveness of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the provision of accessible informational-marketing and consulting services to the entities of agribusiness.

Main direction of JSC Kazagromarketing:

- Providing information to subjects AIC;

- Monitoring of prices of domestic and foreign markets;

- Organization of exhibitions and trade fairs;

- Development  and implementation of information systems;

- Agent Services Management budgetary funds allocated to support compulsory insurance in plant growing;

- Operator services under the program "Agribusiness 2020":

- Financial rehabilitation of subjects in AIC;

- subsidizing interest rates on loans and leasing of technological equipment and agricultural machinery agribusiness entities;

- The investment subsidies agribusiness entities;

- To provide state support for agribusiness entities for insurance and loan guarantees.

Develop net of consulting net 

JSC Kazagromarketing is the only structure in the agricultural sector, which has own regional net deployed in all regional and district centers of the country ( 13 branches and 2 representative offices) operating in regional centers and in Almaty, 160  rural information and counseling centers operating in district centers. Central office is located in the capital city-Astana.A competitive advantage JSC Kazagromarketing are rural information and counseling centers. New technologies, tools and solutions in the field of marketing, consulting and IT aimed to improve the efficiency of the agribusiness.Society annually provides needed information and advice to the 60 thousand subjects AIC at no charge.In 2014, Company provided with consulting services about 313,000 subjects of farming sector for state support and management of agribusiness   questions on the basis of agreements on personal service, and provided more than 38,000 consultations in the direct treatment of agricultural producers in the regional offices.In addition, in the second direction of the program "Employment-2020" in 2014, the company gave trainings of basics of entrepreneurship to more than thousand people  in the North Kazakhstan, Kostanai, Karaganda, Mangistau and Kyzylorda regions.

Emission of individual numbers of farm animals

According to Government Decree Republic of Kazakhstan № 959 at July, 21 2012 JSC Kazagromarketing acts as the operator producers Emission individual numbers.  Within this functions, the company also carries out registration of products (vehicles), the attributes for the identification of farm animals and their manufactures in the database. 

Development «e-Agriculture»

Since 2007 the company working to develop an automated control system in agricultural sector, designed to automate the business process information flow Ministry of Agriculture, creation of a database, processing and provision of electronic services to the public through the portal "e-Government".

Price review

Since the establishment company weekly monitors  prices of basic food products, agricultural raw materials, POL on the markets of the regional centers and in Almaty, Astana cities. Moreover selling prices for industrial facilities are monitored. Monitoring is performed in the order of 16 types of agricultural products. Benefits of price monitoring conducted by the company based on the efficiency of data collection and processing, as well as the frequency and availability providing information.  Price monitoring conducted on a weekly basis on the domestic and foreign (Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, China and the world) markets.

Research in AIC

In 2014, the company prepared series of market research and analyzes on separate branches of agricultural production: agricultural markets, meat and sausage products, oilseeds, cereals, vegetable crops, production of sheep and poultry meat, prepared a manual for aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, maps for Enterprise Development were designed for areas of East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Almaty and Atyrau regions.

Organization of events

One of the activities of the Company is the holding of conferences and exhibition events in order to  support of domestic agricultural producers. In particular, the company held such traditional activities as Kazakh Grain Forum «KazGrain», which brings together the leading players in the domestic and world grain markets, auctions to sell pedigree livestock in the regions, specialized exhibition and demonstration of agricultural machinery and equipment Field Day "Zhana Dala."

Agent on compulsory insurance in plant

From July 2012, JSC "Kazagromarketing" pursuant to contract entered into with the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Kazakhstan, performs as agent for the management of budgetary funds allocated by to support mandatory crop insurance.

Within this function the company performs the following functions:

1. Upon the occurrence of adverse natural phenomena involved in the commission, created at the request of the local executive body of insured to determine the size of the area of crop production, exposed to adverse natural phenomena.

2. Reimburse the insurer 50 % of claims paid

3. Enters into a contract with the insurer about the produce and partial reimbursement of insurance payments for reimbursement of insurance premiums for insurance claims that have arisen as a result of adverse natural phenomena.

Operator for financial recovery

From August 2013 the JSC «Kazagromarketing» according to the decision of the Government of Kazakhstan acts as operator for subsidizing interest rates on loans to financial institutions for the financial recovery of subjects AIC.

Basic functions within the JSC Kazagromarketing's financial recovery subjects AIC are:

1.Receiving documents from financial institutions

2.Convening and holding meetings of the commission for financial recovery

3. Contracting subsidies

4.Financial institutions accepting applications for transfer of subsidies

5.Monitoring reports submitted to financial institutions

6.Monitoring compliance with the provisions of Law borrowers.

Operator to subsidize the leasing of vehicles

From July 2013 the JSC» Kazagromarketing» according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to subsidize interest rates on loans (leasing) of agricultural machinery. The basic functions of the operator is to conduct monitoring of documentation and monitoring of payment discipline.

Operator of the investment subsidy program of agribusiness entities

Since 2014 "Kazagromarketing" JSC  within the terms of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan performs as the operator of the investment subsidy agribusiness entities. The main functions of  "Kazagromarketing" JSC  as the operator of the investment subsidy agribusiness entities are checking the documents submitted by investors for compliance with the rules of subsidies and making recommendations on compliance or non-compliance of the project investor requirements subsidy rules.

Operator of extension of government support to agribusiness for insurance and underans and loan guarantees

Since September 2014 «Kazagromarketing» JSC is operator of extension of government support to agribusiness for insurance and underwriting of loans. Main purposes of «Kazagromarketing» JSC as operator of extension of government support to agribusiness for insurance and underwriting of loans are inspection of documents from borrowers/insurance companies against subsidy regulation and drafting of recommendations about accordance or discordance of borrower/insurance company project against subsidy regulation.